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Our Town was HCT's first show, performed in 1982 at Tallulah Falls School. Described by Edward Albee as "…the greatest American play ever written," Our Town follows the small town of Grover’s Corners through three acts: "Daily Life," "Love and Marriage," and "Death and Eternity." Narrated by a stage manager and performed with minimal props and sets, Our Town depicts the simple daily lives of the Webb and Gibbs families as their children fall in love, marry, and eventually – in one of the most famous scenes in American theatre – die.

Pictured bottom row, left to right: John Arnold, Susie Arnold, Andy McCullough, Molly Pollitt, Jenny Haynie, Barbara Kerby, Michael Shirley. Second row: Norma Veech, Larry Veech, Eddie Smith, Billie Willbanks, Jackie Flanigen, Beverly Redd, Donna Trotter, Dr. Ignatius Sterghos. Third row: John McManus, Tracy Davidson, Robert Barron, Chris Davidson, Jeffery Barron. 


July 30, 1982

July 31, 1982

August 1, 1982


Stage Manager: Molly Pollitt

Emily Webb: Jenny Haynie

George Gibbs: Andy McCullough

Frank Gibbs: John Arnold

Julia (Hersey) Gibbs: Susie Arnold
Charles Webb: Michael Shirley

Myrtle Webb: Barbara Kerby

Joe Crowell: John McManus

Howie Newsome: Larry Veech

Rebecca Gibbs: Tracy Davidson

Wallace "Wally" Webb: Jeffery Barron

Mrs. Louella Soames: Billie Wilbanks

Joe Stoddard: Dr. Ignatius Sterghos

Sarah Craig: Donna Trotter

Choir Soloist: Norma Veech
The Reverend: Eddie Smith
Mrs. Willard: Jackie Flanigen

Mrs. Newsome: Beverly Redd

Assistant Stage Manager: Robert Barron

George Gibbs, Jr: Chris Davidson

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