From 2009 through 2018, Habersham Community Theater awarded the Habersham Community Theater Performing Arts Scholarship annually to a deserving senior who intended to attend college in the Fall of that year and pursue a career in the performing arts. 


In 2019, the name of the scholarship was changed to the Habersham Community Theater Stephen Jones Grizzard Memorial Scholarship in honor of HCT veteran, the late Steve Grizzard.


The amount of the scholarship is $1,000. The application process includes an application form, an essay, and an interview with the selection committee. Preference may be given to those who have been involved with HCT in the past as a volunteer. If two recipients are chosen, the award is divided equally between them.

Scholarship Application Form

Past Scholarship Recipients

  • 2009 - Taylor Howard

  • 2010 - John Allen Fox, Jr. and Jacob Smagur

  • 2011 - Hannah Gale

  • 2012 - Kristin Arvold

  • 2013 - Shelby Cody

  • 2014 - Jane Marie Price

  • 2015 - Jessica James

  • 2016 - Cameron Scofield and Zachary Sutton

  • 2017 - Maggie Smagur

  • 2018 - Emma Singer and Taylor Carson

  • 2019 - Madeline McClurg and Justin Williams

  • 2020 - Rylan Pugh and Grace Wills

  • 2021 - Matthew Jackson and Jadon Williams


Steve and his wife, Barbara, became involved with HCT at the same time around 2002 when they volunteered to help HCT in any capacity they could. At that time, assisting with fundraising was their primary focus. Over time, they did it all: acting, some assistant directing, props, and serving on the board and various committees.


Steve saw the immense value that HCT had in the community and wanted to do everything possible to promote live theatre in Habersham County and beyond. He was constantly amazed by the wide array of talent that graced the Kollock Stage as well as all the dedicated volunteers. Through his own many experiences with HCT, both on and off the stage, Steve witnessed the effect that participating in community theatre could have on an individual. Working with students and observing all the positive reactions to creating a production truly inspired him. He knew that bringing young people into the theatre experience was both good for them personally and good for the entire community.


As a businessman, Steve quickly recognized the tangible value of having a thriving, robust theater in the heart of Habersham County. As HCT grew in reputation, members, and volunteers, the area businesses also benefited. Shops and area restaurants had the opportunity to grow and thrive as well. Steve's vision of bringing performance art to people and people to performance art was very important to him, and he committed much of his time to this endeavor. One of the last contributions that Steve made to achieving this vision was spearheading a plan to retire the HCT mortgage. He knew that a sound financial footing would keep this vision of community engagement alive long after he was gone. One of his proudest moments was burning the actual paper mortgage on the stage (in dramatic form, of course!).  Steve and Barbara both loved their theater family dearly and were so very grateful to spend so many hours in camaraderie with and enjoying friendships that will last a lifetime.

Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019
Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019

Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019
Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019

Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019
Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019

Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019
Stephen Jones Grizzard, 1952 - 2019