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  • Linda Williams

Jenna Barry makes her HCT debut as Elsa Schraeder in The Sound of Music

Jenna Barry is thrilled to make her debut on the Kollock stage in HCT's current musical, The Sound of Music. Although she is a newcomer to our theater, Jenna is not a theatre novice: she has been doing theatre in Dillard and Highlands for several years. On joining HCT, Jenna stated, “As a newcomer to HCT, I was a little nervous about how I might be accepted. But this cast made me feel welcomed from the first rehearsal. Now I feel such a bond with all of them.”

Jenna is passionate about community theatre, loving every aspect from working backstage, costumes, props, and set design, to being on stage as well. Regarding her role as Elsa Schraeder, Jenna stated, “The Sound of Music was my favorite movie as a little girl. So bringing this story to the stage is such a joy for me”. 

Jenna believes in the power of theatre to entertain, evoke emotion, and provoke transformation and is so grateful for your support and willingness to go on the journey with her. She is wife to a very supportive husband and mother of six pretty amazing kids.

The Sound of Music cast, under the direction of John Preece and Assistant Director Lynne Warren, continues to deliver this classic, all-time favorite musical to the Kollock stage, to sold-out audiences and rave reviews.

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