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HCT presented Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen in March 1988 at Jenkins Auditorium (Piedmont College). Hobgoblin,a wicked creature of black magic, casts a spell over twelve year old Karl. He goes to visit the Snow Queen who lives near the North Pole. She places a little glass in his heart. Meanwhile, Gerda, his younger sister, and his grandmother worry over his visit. Gerda seeks out the Snow Queen and her innocence is her strength in rescuing Karl from the spells of Hobgoblin and the Snow Queen.


March 4, 1988

March 5, 1988

March 6, 1988


The Hobgoblin: Jim Robertson

Karl: Jeff Barron

Gerda: Fran Favors

Grandmother: Sara Beth Williams

Hans: David Wright

Laura: Erin Wright

The Snow Queen: Angela Phillips

The Old Woman: Barbara Parker

Crows: Donna Trotter, Joyce Davidson

The Prince: Adam Martin

The Princess: Amanda Shedd

Lady In Waiting: Jennifer Strait

The Robber King: Larry Adams

The Old Robber Woman: Susie Arnold

The Robber Girl: Ginny Simmons

The Reindeer: Janet Roberts

The Finnish Woman: Alicia Prowse

Robber Band: Loretta Allen, Grace Cassele, Jeanna Collins, Lin Davis, Christie Grundy, Jessica Grundy, Jack Martin, Richard Mintzlaff, Larry Shedd, Chris Shook, Richard Strait, Sally Tillman, Darlene Wright, Wesley Wright

Adult Chorus: Loretta Allen, Grace Cassele, Jeanna Collins, Lin Davis, Christie Grundy, Richard Mintzlaff, Larry Shedd, Richard Strait, Sally Tillman, Darlene Wright

Soldiers: Adriene Adams, Chris Davidson, Brad Trotter, Maraiah Wren


Convolvulus: Jennifer Barnes, Monica Umbehant

Roses: Mary Pollitt, Rebecca Shedd

Snow Drops: Kimberly Baskin, Kelsey Collins, Cory Grundy, Nakisha Smith

Tiger Lillies: Tracy Davidson, Libba Pollitt

Hyacinths: Janet Roberts, Alison Umbehant

Narcissus: Alicia Prowse, Carrie Watkins

Buttercups: Misty Loggins, Ginny Simmons

Snowflake Angels: Anna Ayers, Laura Brooks, Kelsey Collins, Angelina Diaz, Noelle Foley, Jacque Franklin, Cory Grundy, Misty Loggins, Melanie Wright

Snowflakes: Tracy Davidson, Alexa Stough, Carrie Watkins

Courtiers: Loretta Allen, Lin Davis, Richard Mintzlaff, Larry Shedd, Richard Strait, Darlene Wright

Rehearsal Accompaniment: Kathryn S. Shook

Instrumental Ensemble: Nicole Roller (Flute), Karen Kubek (Oboe), Valinda Carter (Clarinet), Tom Haynes (French Horn), Kathryn S. Shook (Piano) 


Director: Elliott Griggers

Assistant Director: Helen Proston

Music Director & Conductor: Robert Prowse

Choreographer: Donna Trotter

Assistant Choreographer: Tracy Davidson

Technical Director: Stephen Varner

Stage Manager: Fran Varner

Assistants to Stage Manager: Helen Poston, Atha Ledford, Becky Adams

Lighting & Special Effects Design: Stephen Varner

Lighting & Special Effects Assistant: Carol Harbert

Costume Design: Janie Charnow

Seamstress: Dolly Garrett

Makeup Design: Kimberly Elder

Program & Poster Content: Carol Harbert

Advertising Sales Chairman: James Robertson

Artists: Barbara Nash, Bill Stratton

Layout: Kay Caputi

Set Design: Stephen Varner, Barbara Nash

Master Carpenter: Stephen Varner

Scenic Design: Barbara Nash

Construction Crew: Larry Adams, Ronald Davidson, Carol Harbert, Barbara Nash, Larry Shedd, Jennifer Strait, Richard Strait, Fran Varner

House Manager: Kay Caputi

Staff: Katherine Brookshire, Louise Cooper, Betty Jane Dyer, Dolly Garrett, Susan Hardy, Bette Hinesley, Clara Martin, Elaine Martin, Richard W. Oliver, Becki Pierce, Mollie Pollitt, Guynethel Snyder, Barry Thomas, Jonathan Wright, Kenneth Wright

Publicity Chairman: Carol Harbert

Assistant to Publicity Chairman: Atha Ledford

Properties: Atha Ledford


First National Bank of Habersham


Community Bank & Trust

Dennis T. Cathey and Edward E. Strain, Attorneys At Law

Shield Realty

Telecom Products, Inc.

Angel Eye School of Etiquette and Modeling

Brec's Appliance Land & Home Entertainment Center

Curtis Mathes Home Entertainment Center


Habersham Bank

Habersham County Medical Center

Habersham Federal Savings Bank

Habersham Hardware & Home Center

Hollywood Nights

Lock Stock & Barrel


Serving Seniors, Inc.

The Book Cellar

The House of Fine Steaks

The Threads Shed Men's Store

Turpen Drug Company

Mrs. Mignon H. Bruce

Allen & Sarah Smith

Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Stewart

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