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Christmas is Coming at HCT

Director Lynne Warren has teamed up with her son, producer Randy Warren, to create an online production called Christmas at HCT. This heartwarming and lighthearted holiday production will include singing and recitations of all your Christmas favorites, performed by HCT alumni and filmed on the Kollock stage. Christmas at HCT will be made available to the public on the HCT website in early December.

Lynne Warren (pictured above with her youngest son, Sam) is a current member of the HCT Board of Directors and has enjoyed performing in several HCT productions over the last six years, including The King and I, Fiddler on the Roof, Spamalot, and Sweet Charity. Of theatre, she stated, "There is something special about working hard to put on a performance, getting dressed up in costume, and seeing it all come together. The camaraderie you feel with fellow actors is so worth the time and effort!" Of Christmas at HCT, she stated, “I wanted to do something for our patrons during a time when all of us could use some of the joy that comes with community theatre. My vision was to create a Christmas special like I grew up watching on TV as a child. Because we are not able to present a live show, I thought this was the right time to do something new and different. But I could not have made this happen without all of Randy’s hard work as the producer.”

All of the filming and production work is being done by Randy Warren. A frequent performer on the Kollock stage, Randy's favorite roles have been Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound Of Music, The Artful Dodger in Oliver!, Louis in The King & I, and the iconic Fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof. He enjoys all aspects of theatre, from working in the tech booth with lights and sound to helping with building and painting the set, but he prefers to be singing, dancing, and acting on the stage. Now he's bringing a new set of skills to HCT.

Randy has produced over 100 videos for his YouTube channel over the last several years. Randy stated, “I am really excited to produce this show for HCT during a time when all of us are missing live theatre. HCT has meant so much to me, and now I feel like I can use some of the video production skills I am learning to give back to our theater. Working on this project with my mom has made it extra special, and this show was clearly her vision.”

The leadership at HCT continues to plan for live shows to resume in 2021. But as we conclude 2020, the production of Christmas at HCT will be our gift to all of the loyal fans of Habersham Community Theater. Stay tuned for an official announcement of what is sure to be one of your favorite Christmas variety shows ever!

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